Can This Program Really Give Women More Orgasms?

Orgasm By Command

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So, I've spent many years writing websites on how people can have a fantastic sex life, and I'm always on the lookout for things that can take your sex life to a new level of pleasure and satisfaction. But is it really possible to produce orgasms on command???

YES! And I think I've found something that will really make a difference if you're struggling to come on demand, if you're finding the female orgasm a bit hard to order up when you need it!

What's the answer? Well, it's an online program which can show men how to give women orgasms within seconds – and not your ordinary just-good-enough-peaks-of-pleasure either, but massive, mind blowing orgasms, way more intense than your woman's ever experienced before.

This program is called Orgasm By Command and it's written by Lloyd Lester (click here now for a quick peek!) woman enjoying an orgasm by command

These are such extraordinary claims that I bought a copy to check it out, and (I'll be honest here) to see if there was any information in there that I should put on my own websites, or even incorporate into my own sex life.

After all, I'm just as eager as the next man to give my partner as much pleasure as possible when we make love… and just as eager to have her orgasm on command...

And I know that when my partner has a massive climax during foreplay, she'll be much more ready to make love, and it'll be much more exciting for both of us.

After all, I enjoy massive orgasms as much as the next man – it's a win-win situation for us both! So read on to find out whether Lloyd Lester's program is worth the investment.

I bought the program before its public launch, but I still had plenty of time to try the techniques described in Orgasm By Command with my partner – not that she knew what I was doing!

Here's my review of how to "Orgasm On Command" with details of what's in the program so you can decide if you want to buy it.

The first thing you find when you log into the members' area is a very professionally designed site, which is always a good sign, because it means that a lot of effort, time and thought has gone into the program.

Even so, the only thing that really counts is whether or not this program can make a big, big difference to your sex life. The program certainly looks like great value here in the members' area, because there are 7 eBooks, each with an audio version, to download.

The first is (I assumed) the most important - Orgasm By Command itself, which says it is a collection of advanced techniques that make a woman have intensely powerful orgasms instantly! We'll see whether this is true in a minute.

  • The other eBooks all look promising too. They are:
  • The Sexual Mentalist, subtitled How to Get Her Thinking Dirty About You (And Have Her Believe It Was Her Idea!)
  • Sex She Craves, subtitled Dirty Delicious Sex Secrets Women Wish You Knew (But Will Never Dare Tell You)
  • Bad Girl Sex, subtitled How to Tease out Her Naughty Side (And Start A Bonfire Between Her Legs)
  • Push Her Pleasure Buttons, subtitled New Bed-shaking Techniques That Will Make Her Plead for Mercy (And Beg for More)
  • Sexual Confidence Escalator, subtitled Skyrocket Your Inner Game In The Bedroom
  • and there's even another unadvertised bonus, which I won't describe so as not to spoil the surprise. (Hint: ever tried to talk a woman into bed? Want to know how to do it?)

Of course the main thing here is that my review helps you decide if it's right for you - if it will help you and your partner have better sex. That's what the program is all about, and this eBook is the basis of it. Let's have a look at what's inside without further ado. (If you want to check it out straight away, without reading more on this page, please click here.)

Enjoy Female Orgasms Whenever You Want Them!

The basic idea in the eBook is to give men techniques that will let them bring a woman to orgasm quickly and easily – and we're not talking your regular orgasms here, we're talking mind blowing, powerful, intense orgasms, the like of which most women never experience in their lives. Sounds like a great proposition, but is it really that easy?

Lloyd's counseled hundreds of couples in his time a sex therapist, and he knows what can make sex better than ever before. You see, the thing is, most women don't reach orgasm easily because they get distracted in some way.

That might be noises outside, maybe distracting thoughts crossing their minds, or it might even be you doing something that just momentarily jars her or distracts her or takes her out of her orgasmic space. The degree of mental command needed for orgasms to order is just not there....

So obviously if you can find a way to make sure a woman's calm and relaxed and feels completely secure, comfortable and safe during foreplay and sexual activity then she'll reach orgasm much more easily.

woman enjoying an orgasm by commandAnd that's exactly what the eBook gives you the power to do – it describes a special kind of trigger technique which makes your partner instantly relax into the right state of mind for great sex!

But the techniques in this Orgasm By Command eBook go well beyond that: they not only explain what a trigger is, but more importantly how you can produce a trigger, which works like a "button" that you can press, one that instantly takes the woman you're with into a state of mind where she's going to enjoy an orgasm within seconds.

If you've read anything about the latest NLP techniques then you probably know what a trigger, also known as an "anchor", is – it's a simple stimulus that you powerfully link to a certain outcome. In this case, of course, it's having the woman climax on command.

Maybe you've seen this kind of thing in a different form with stage hypnotists where they have people do all kinds of bizarre acts after they've come out of a hypnotic trance in response to a simple trigger word or gesture.

The technique you can use to give your partner bigger, better orgasms is not quite like that but it's a similar idea – the way it works is this: when a woman is in the throes of orgasm you "implant" an anchor, a trigger that becomes associated with high arousal and orgasm – and which you can later use (as often as you like) to produce an orgasm on command - in other words, to instantly take her into a state of mind where she's very aroused and ready to orgasm. Sounds crazy? Well, maybe not.

It turns out that the trigger creating process, making a "button", if you like, is really simple and easy to do.

Lloyd gives you full instructions on how you can associate a simple touch, gesture or word with a woman's orgasm by command.

woman enjoying an orgasm by commandThis happens deep in her subconscious mind, and it's so powerfully linked that when you apply that trigger, when you press that button, whatever it may be, she's taken instantly to a state of high arousal, ready for orgasm.

Now, I must say here that it's true you may need to repeat the imprinting process (linking the trigger with her sexual arousal) more than once, but there's no hardship in that, and your sexual partner doesn't even need to know what you're doing.

The point about this kind of technique, which is an NLP "anchoring" technique, is that it works whether the woman knows about it or not.

However, all she needs to know – unless you choose to share it with her – is that she is experiencing a fantastic orgasm and you're around her… but, as Lloyd points out, watch out in case she becomes addicted to sex, addicted to you, and addicted to the orgasms by command that you're giving her…!

So Why Come On Demand?

On the face of it this looks like one of the most powerful techniques for changing a couple's sex life for the better that I've ever seen or heard of. Indeed, not just changing it, but taking it into orbit!

So…  because I'm a skeptical kind of guy I decided I would try this out in my relationship with my partner Anne. And, to be honest, I wanted some excitement in our sex life…I thought it was getting a tad boring. The results were pretty impressive. To say the least. (I'll tell you more in a moment.)

For one thing Anne's never had difficulty reaching orgasm but it's always taken on average 20 minutes of foreplay and perhaps 10 to 15 minutes of serious stimulation of her clitoris and vagina which, while it's great fun for me and I absolutely love it, can be well…you know. A bit much, perhaps!

Let's face it guys, we all know that cunnilingus can give you a crick in the neck, and sometimes we have to put up with this… but foreplay that goes on and on and on can get a bit boring. And as for masturbating her – how hard is that to get right?

woman enjoying an orgasm by commandAnd I always thought that the "time to orgasm" difference between men and women (well, how quickly do you come? And her?) just reflected the fact that men are wired to have orgasms quickly, whereas women are not.

Or at least that's what we've all been led to believe, but what Lloyd points out in Orgasm By Command is that women can actually achieve orgasm just as quickly as men, because the nervous system "wiring" in women's brains and bodies is more or less the same as is in men.

It's only a state of mind that stops women coming as easily as men, so once you get control over that, or get control over how she feels about sex, you can make a woman reach orgasm just as quickly as you do.

Just think about what that might mean for your sex life (especially if you ejaculate quickly during intercourse). It would mean orgasm on command!

So the fact is: the basic process of creating an orgasm trigger in a woman works really quickly and easily, and it gives you the power to take her to orgasm more or less whenever you and she want….. literally.

Give Her Orgasms On Command - Whether She Knows It Or Not

Now, my partner Anne tends to come once, powerfully, and then stop. But when I used the trigger I'd set up the last time we had sex, and it was nothing more than a simple touch in a particular place on her body (you can find out exactly where inside the program), with a gentle caress to her clitoris, she instantly arched her back, screamed with pleasure and came again. And again. After she'd come down, she looked at me and said, eyes wide open: "What the hell did you do to me just then?" (I gave you an orgasm by command, my dear sub....)

I had to tell her….. Result? We're now having sex four times a week instead of once, on Sunday morning….. she even wakes up feeling randy and ready "to go"…. we've made love in every room in the house…. and the garden. Much to the neighbors' surprise, I dare say…

And imagine using this orgasm trigger while you're having sexual intercourse. She comes while you're inside her. That's when you're talking about something really special. An Orgasm By Command during intercourse. WOW!

But there's even more amazing stuff - the stunning results you get when Lloyd takes you far beyond this basic trigger mechanism.

Layering One Orgasm Top Of Another

He explains how you can repeat the process, layer upon layer, so that the stimulus is so powerful that it produces an orgasm massively more intense than your woman's ever really experienced.

Not only that, but you can change the nature of the stimulus – you can use a unique touch, a particular scent, certain words… Almost anything can be anchored in a woman's mind as an orgasm trigger. And using the magic of this?

She doesn't need to know what you're doing (though if she does know she'll really appreciate it, simply because you're taking the time and trouble to bring her to a state of arousal and sexual pleasure that is so intense she's going to feel better than she ever has before during sex).

This may all sound a bit complicated, but I can assure you it isn't…

And the reason why is this: Lloyd gives you complete instructions on how to do it, leaving nothing to chance and explaining every detail of the process. It's simple, it's easy, and it's quick.

Just imagine what it would mean for your relationship if you knew that your partner could become aroused on demand without extensive foreplay.

If you want to check out Orgasm By Command, to see if it can take your sex life to the next level, click here.


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