Can This Program Really Give Women More Orgasms? Read On To Discover The Amazing Reality....

Orgasm By Command Explored

Wouldnít Orgasms By Command make a difference to the quality of your sex life?

From what Iíve read in Lloyd Lesterís eBook, which is all about this subject, and from the way Iíve actually used the techniques in my own relationship, these techniques actually work. At last! Techniques for achieving female orgasm that really work! (And are easy to use.)

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Maybe people whoíve been practicing NLP for a while wouldnít actually be the least bit surprised by that. After all, NLP has gained a certain sneaky reputation as a way of manipulating people, and itís NLP techniques youíre using here.

But I must emphasize that this is not manipulation: this is a sexual technique working for the greater good of you, your partner and your relationship Ė and in particular, massively increasing the sexual pleasure that both of you will be getting when you apply these techniques.

The other side of this process by the way, is that you can actually use the anchoring techniques described in Orgasm By Command to "disconnect" or reprogram any stimulus that makes a woman move away from her orgasm.

So, for instance, if thereís noise outside the bedroom, in the house, or even outside on the street, which causes your woman to move away from her arousal, away from her orgasm, maybe so much so that she perhaps canít even get back there that day, you can use these techniques to disconnect the distraction from the lowering of arousal. Then, you can change the connection: you can use the noise to help her become even more aroused, even more turned on.

Laci Green and a video on orgasms

Think of the power in that: it basically means that sex need never be interrupted by external factors. Your bedroom will become a place where youíre immersed in a world of intense arousal and mutual pleasure, no matter whatís going on around you (well, within limits of course Ė if the house was on fire Iím sure youíd something about it, not just go on making love).

This isnít some kind of ridiculous hypnotic trance where you donít know whatís going on in the outside world. Itís a state of mind where your partner is extremely aroused, and you can be too Ė and you have the choice of not being distracted by things that might otherwise spoil your partnerís chances of reaching orgasm.

One of the factors that really appealed to me when I tried the trigger technique was that there was a kind of ever-increasing effect on my arousal and my partnerís arousal. You might have noticed how, during sex, if your partner is very aroused, you become more aroused; or, if her arousal drops, yours tends to do the same.

Thatís natural, but think of this: when youíre both on a cycle of increasing arousal it feeds back and forth between you, and you both become more intensely aroused. That means sex becomes even better, more satisfying, more pleasurable, more orgasmic than you can currently imagine.

woman enjoying an orgasm by commandAs Lloyd observes, these techniques do seem to have the power to take you out of a run-of-the-mill sexual situation and move you into the top few percent of sexually successful couples. I guess thatís something which might put some people off this program, because outstanding success in any field (even sex) is something only those who are ready to take it on can fully understand and grasp.

Maybe thatís why Lloyd also offers you a load of techniques which will help you both become completely shame and guilt free, and relaxed and comfortable about sex. Thatís important for any couple where the womanís got some feelings of shame or inhibition about her body, or guilt about sex, or any kind of religious taboo Ė or indeed anything at all which is getting in the way of you both having great sex. You can work on these things so they no longer have any power over you.

I want to emphasize that all this stuff is presented simply, clearly and easily, another fact making this program such great value.

Remember, I hinted above that foreplay is sometimes a bit boring for men Ė but it doesnít have to be. If you know the right techniques it can be as much fun for you as it is for her, and it can transform sex into a game that both of you play beautifully together, increasing each otherís arousal to the maximum.

To this end, Lloyd gives 17 techniques in Orgasm By Command that you can use both inside and outside the bedroom to prepare yourself and your partner for sex Ė no, scratch that, to actually make her want sex so intensely that sheíll be waiting for you at the door when you come home every evening (or whatever).

He explains how you can share all kinds of techniques Ė including what he calls ďall day foreplayĒ Ė to get her thinking and fantasizing about you, or about sex in general, so that sheís ready for sex when you are. And if the idea of texting or calling your partner during the day to let her know you canít wait to see her, or youíre lusting after her, or just to tell her you love her, seems corny or cheesy, thatís OK.

woman enjoying an orgasm by commandJust remember youíre not doing this for you. Youíre doing it for her. The point is most women love this kind of attention, and they adore the idea of being lusted after: it makes a woman feel more sexually confident about herself, her body, and her sexuality.

And when she feels sexy she will be more sexy and open with you. One of the things that really fascinated me about the idea of orgasms on demand was the way you can share your fantasies. I mean, we all have sexual fantasies, weíre sometimes ashamed of them, and itís certainly true that many fantasies are things you wouldnít necessarily want to act out in real life.

But who knew that sharing your fantasy Ė not acting it out, at least not necessarily acting it out Ė yes, just sharing your fantasy with your partner, could be such a route to sexual arousal and mutual connection? Once again, everything you need to know about this is in this action-packed 86 page eBook, along with a whole load more.

Youíll guess by now Iím a fan of this book; and thatís absolutely right, I am. In fact I think this eBook alone is worth the price of the program.

And by the way do not, under any circumstances, miss the guided visualization Lloyd describes: I tried that on my partner and she was juicing within moments, a few minutes later she was so aroused she was literally begging me to have go inside her, and pretty damní quickly (for the first time for quite a while) she actually came while I was still inside her. Oh boyÖ. I canít even begin to describe to you how good that felt.

And it made me feel like a powerful, sexually skilled man, I have to tell you.

So there you have it: thatís about the long and short of this program. It makes her incredibly sexy, takes her deeply into her feminine sexuality, so sheís relaxed and comfortable and oh-so-eager for sex, and it gives you a sense of power and masculinity the like of which may well astound you.

Thereís nothing that makes a man feel more masculine than taking his woman to a powerful orgasm during lovemaking, and having her look into his eyes like heís her sex god. Now Iím not saying youíre going to be a glorious sex god if you buy this eBook, but what I will tell you for sure is that it gives you a massively greater chance of becoming a sexual hero than just about anything else Iíve seen.

At the end of the day, why would you not buy this? With a money-back guarantee you ainít got anything to lose but you sure as heck have an enormous amount of orgasmic pleasure to gainÖ. In the next post Iím going to describe the other eBooks in the program, so stand by for more information. (And yes, I do recommend that you buy it.)

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